This is Sled!

Sled™ is the debut product of On a Different Angle°.

A portable and adjustable laptop stand made from a solid pinewood block, with a striped pattern crafted through the years by nature.

Precisely cut and hand finished with respect for environment and people.

  • Sustainable

    For every Sled™ sold
    we plant a tree.

  • Fair-Trade

    Made in Portugal by fairly paid
    happy workers.

  • Ecological

    We only use eco-friendly
    materials and products.

  • Cooling

    Keeping your devices almost floating
    in the air makes it easier for them to
    cool down.

  • Ergonomic

    Keep your back and neck straight.

  • Versatile

    Made from two symmetrical pieces
    you can adjust Sled very easily
    to fit in any device.

  • Portable

    Easily carry Sled™ in your backpack.

  • Lasting

    Made from a solid pinewood block, it won’t
    break or need any part replacement.

More Than a Product, A Mission.

We believe that the way we buy things has a very powerful influence in the World.

Unfortunately, most of the time, that influence is not a good one.

We want do things on a different angle.
That is the driving force behind this project.

Sled™ is, hopefully, the first of many products we will do with this mindset.

We believe that having beautiful products that we like and caring for the people and the planet are not in opposition to each other.

We are bound to do design on a different angle.

Natanael Gama

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290 mm
96 mm
50 mm
550 gm
13" to 17"
up to
5 octaves

Estimated Delivery: September 2016

“By far the best laptop stand I have ever used.”

Rui Vieira, Certified Mac Technician